The reporter: Prokhorov Vadim 72 klass, school №3, Gatchina

The teacher: Sumacheva Z.A.

The population of the world is growing very fast. In the last 40 years it has doubled. By the year 2200 it will be about 10.000 million. Our cities will be bigger. There will be more factories and more roads. We will need more water and more natural resourses. Experts say we will have serious problems in the future. They report we must change the way we use energy and natural resourses.

  1. Rubbish and its recycling.

    Every day we throw away millions tons of rubbish. Half of this is paper,which we can use again. A typical family in Europe or in America throws away more than 1 ton of rubbish each year, but we can recycle most of it. By recycling things, we can save money,energy and natural resourses. Recycling the Sunday "New-York Times", for example, we can save 75.000 trees every week.

  2. Rubbish and necessity of its reducing.

    A lot of the rubbish that we throw away is not biodegradable. Plastic, metals and chemicals won't disappear for hundreds of years. We also produce a lot of unnecessary things, such as packaging. All of this pollutes the air, the land and the water. Pollution will be a very important problem in future. We must avoid using nonbiodegradable material. We must also reduce the amount of unnecessary things that we produce and use. In the shops, for example, we can say:" No, thanks!" to the packaging that comes with the things we've bought.

  3. What recommendation would we make to improve the current situation?

There are over 350 power stations in the world that make electricity from rubbishing.Most of them are in Euorope and Japan.

In London, a power station burns 400.000 tons of rubbish a year. This heats water that makes steam. The steam turns a generator.

In New-York a power station burns 2250 tons a day. It makes electricity for 70.000 people.


New-York produces 10 mil.tons of rubbish a year. Most of it is never used again.

Now, a few words describing our work at our school. Every month we collect a lot of useless paper, old books and magazines and send all this to the town recycling center. It is about one tonne yearly.

So, we save our money for soap and other cleaning things to keep our school in order and have new plates and glasses for our school dining room.

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