The ecological project on the territory of the Rozhdestveno volost
(the Gatchina area of the Leningrad region)

D. Shlyakhtichenko

The ecological situation in the Leningrad region, in our area and volost has become of public concern lately. There is not a single sphere of human activities which, directly or indirectly, would not have influence on the environment.

The project under discussion unvestigates risk factors for the village of Rozhdestveno and the Rozhdestveno volost:

The schoolchildren from Rozhdestveno were active participants in the ecological movement 'Gatchina-St.Petersburg'. The so-called 'ecological path' including historical and cultural relics and monuments, natural reserves of Rozhdestveno was developed under the program 'School ecological initiative'.

The study integrated different trends in order to reveal interrelation and interdependency of plants, soil and air.

The project contains pictures

In addition, the problem of sick rate for the children under 14 on the territory of the Rozhdestveno medical district was studied.

Over a short period of time quite ample material was collected and classified, regular and close connections with the Museum of Regional Studies in Rozhdestveno, Vyra and Siversky and the 'School ecological initiative' movement under the supervision of S. M. Miroshkina were established. The schoolchildren participate actively in the ecological movement in the Gatchina area and the Leningrad region.

The project is of particular interest as the investigation of the environment state is to be continued, new contacts with public organizations and administration of the Rozhdestveno volost are to be established for joint activities in future.

The work on the project has resulted in development of the common integrated program on regional studies, ecological, moral and aesthetical education of schoolchildren in Rozhdestveno school aimed at upbringing ecologically competent land-users, real masters of their country. The experience gained by the school may be of interest for organizers of school ecological camps and ecological societies.

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